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Dansk Blog Bryg 2014

The beer bloggers in Denmark have come up with an idea to do a collaboration beer to celebrate our little community. We did not forget about our loyal readers though! ... Read More »


Once you start kegging your homebrew you of course need a way to serve from a keg. A lot of people go the route of the simple and effective picnic ... Read More »

Beer Jazz DIPA

While taking stock of beer supplies recently, I realized I had a small amount of a lot of different malt and hops. This tends to happen, especially if you are ... Read More »

Beer Hacking with Peanut Butter and tuborg
Beer Hacking: Peanut Butter Tuborg

I am joined by comedian Graham Van Bach for the first ever episode of beer hacking. I decided to release the most extreme episode as the first. We attempted to ... Read More »

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Amager Bryghus and Cigar city Orange Crush
Orange Crush

Amager Bryghus and Surly Brewing Todd the Axe Man
Todd the Axe Man

Surly Coffee Bender
Surly Coffee Bender