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Rock on Beer Blog Gets Competitive

If you follow the blog or know me personally, you know I am seriously into brewing. I try to brew at least twice a month or more, and I really ... Read More »

Peanut Butter Porter

While peanut butter tuborg might not have worked out great, I know from experience that peanut butter porter can be an entirely different story. I first heard about this style ... Read More »

Getting started with homebrewing in Denmark (Europe)

While this guide is designed with a special focus on getting started in Denmark, it may also be of use to anyone in general starting to brew in Europe. Learn ... Read More »

DBB2014 Vote Round 4: Yeast

Hops have been decided in our closest vote to date. Pacific hops (Australia, New Zealand) won over American hops by just one vote! The recipe just keeps getting more interesting ... Read More »

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Amager Bryghus and Cigar city Orange Crush
Orange Crush

Amager Bryghus and Surly Brewing Todd the Axe Man
Todd the Axe Man