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Where’s the Brett?- WLP644 Brett Trois

Where’s the Brett? Depending on your level of beer nerdiness, you may or may not know about the recent controversy surrounding White labs 664 Brettanoymces Trois. If you are not ... Read More »

Side by side my lager with pilsner Urquell
Saazam! | Homebrewed Bohemian Lager Recipe/Review

Here is the recipe for my first ever lager beer. Saazam! is a Bohemian style lager, and as the name suggests it is bursting at the seems with saaz. This ... Read More »

Brew Years Resolutions 2015

Going back through my brew book, the little black book full of my notes on my homebrews. 2014 was a pretty busy year. All told I did 22 brews this ... Read More »

Recipe: Never Say no to Nelson (Clementine Christmas IPA)

Clementine IPA If you haven’t heard by now, I made my first entry into a homebrew contest. You can read about it in the ole archives here. I finally got ... Read More »

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