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Toasted Oatmeal pale Ale
Recipe: Toasted Oatmeal Pale Ale (bonus brewday footage)

Many moons ago I had a pale ale made with a pretty decent percentage of oats. It created an interest in that technique that I filed away for later brewing. The ... Read More »

Nyt Nordisk Øl (New Nordic Beer) Vandregær

As a brewing nerd and beer lover, nothing excites me more than yeast and experimentation. So, a project like Ny Nordisk Øl (New Nordic Beer for the Scandinavian-ly impaired) which has ... Read More »

Where’s the Brett?- WLP644 Brett Trois

Where’s the Brett? Depending on your level of beer nerdiness, you may or may not know about the recent controversy surrounding White labs 664 Brettanoymces Trois. If you are not ... Read More »

Side by side my lager with pilsner Urquell
Saazam! | Homebrewed Bohemian Lager Recipe/Review

Here is the recipe for my first ever lager beer. Saazam! is a Bohemian style lager, and as the name suggests it is bursting at the seems with saaz. This ... Read More »

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Amager and Grassroots Black Nitro
Black Nitro