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Bar Review: Euston Tap London

While my wife and friends headed to the Tower of London to hear some bloody history of the Empire, I went to Euston to get a bloody pint. Have you ... Read More »

Recipe: Nordic American Fusion Farmhouse Ale (Vandregær)

A few days ago I brewed my Vandregær beer. This project is all about finding a Danish yeast and exploring the flavor such a unique terroir brings to beer. I ... Read More »

Toasted Oatmeal pale Ale
Recipe: Toasted Oatmeal Pale Ale (bonus brewday footage)

Many moons ago I had a pale ale made with a pretty decent percentage of oats. It created an interest in that technique that I filed away for later brewing. The ... Read More »

Nyt Nordisk Øl (New Nordic Beer) Vandregær

As a brewing nerd and beer lover, nothing excites me more than yeast and experimentation. So, a project like Ny Nordisk Øl (New Nordic Beer for the Scandinavian-ly impaired) which has ... Read More »